The Liberal Hodgman Government has finally admitted their failed centralised hospital bureaucracy needs to be fixed. But incredibly, they are planning to stand by for another three months as Tasmania’s hospitals suffer under the toxic and dysfunctional system they put in place.
Premier Hodgman needs to recall Parliament and make the legislative changes required to restore a functioning hospital system and reduce their reporting burden. Now finally acknowledged, this is too important to wait for action.
The lives of patients should not be put at further risk by a THS Executive that has problems with “core processes, accountability and communication”. These serious matters cut to the heart of basic hospital functioning, and need urgent attention.
The Premier likes to be photographed with his sleeves rolled up, but when it comes to doing actual hard work he’d prefer to down tools. If Will Hodgman delays three months until after an election to act on the Deloitte Report, the incoming government will be trying to resurrect a functioning hospital in the midst of the winter flu season.
Permanently filling the key leadership positions and restoring local decision-making in each of the hospitals is a priority.
From the first day Health Minister Michael Ferguson announced the centralised THS Executive that left the three major hospitals without a voice, he has refused to respond to the chorus of concerns. Doctors, nurses, and hospital management experts all warned it would tie hospitals up in sluggish bureaucracy, and be unresponsive to clinical and patient needs. The Deloitte Report confirms all these fears, and worse.
Minster Ferguson misled parliament three weeks ago when he denied the Deloitte Report even existed. What’s worse – a government that denies the problem, or one that reluctantly admits the problem but refuses to fix it?
The Greens are ready to go back to parliament and fix the governing legislation for our hospitals. We understand everyone wants our doctors and nurses to be supported to do their job of caring for us when we most need it.
Rosalie Woodruff, Green spokesperson for health