Today mayoral candidate Kristie Johnston has announced that in keeping with one her core values of putting the community first, if re-elected, she will call on the new Council to give the community their voice back by restoring a community precinct type model.

Glenorchy City Council was the first “Community Council” in Tasmania and Council proudly led the way with community participation and engagement through programs such as community precincts. However during the last term of Council the community precincts were cruelly axed by a majority of Council, with the many volunteers and participants told that they were “passed their used-by-date” and “on life support about to be turned off”.

Mrs Johnston said that she understood that not only is it common sense that engaging and listening to the community helps to make good decision on behalf of the community, is it actually a legislated requirement that Council does this. “It’s a no-brainer and any new Council must treat its community with respect and value the people’s input. As a new Council we must work hard to rebuild the trust and faith of the community and letting them know that we are willing and keen to listen to them is one of the first steps” said Mrs Johnston.

“A reinstated community precinct type model will reengage with those residents who have been left feeling disillusioned and excluded from Council. Furthermore there is an opportunity to connect with new and emerging parts of the community and build a sense of pride and belonging” said Mrs Johnston
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