• After months of taunting Labor, Government doesn’t have its own poker machine policy
• Treasurer can’t provide any details

The Treasurer has been forced to admit that the Government will not have a policy on poker machines until sometime next year.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s an embarrassing admission.

“The Liberals have been so obsessed with Labor’s policy on poker machines, they forgot they needed to come up with their own,” Mr Bacon said.

“Peter Gutwein can’t explain how his policy will work at all, other than a tiny reduction in the cap on machines.

“Under the Liberals’ plan it’s unclear who will own and run machines or if venues will have to reapply to keep their machines.

“Labor’s policy couldn’t be clearer. We will phase out all poker machines from pubs and clubs by 2023 and support businesses to transition.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer 19 December 2017