We could win a ban on pokies in Tasmanian pubs and clubs — that would set precedent for the rest of Australia to follow.

Right now there’s a rare opportunity to get destructive pokies out of Tassie communities, with the lease held by the company with a monopoly on poker machines up for renewal. With reports stacking up detailing the damage pokies are doing to Tasmanians, more than 50 community groups pushing the change and an election coming up — if we back them in, we can help win a ban on pokies in pubs and clubs.

But it won’t be an easy battle. The gambling industry has massive resources and deep pockets. To win it, we all need to come together now to counter the influence of the powerful corporation profiting from pokies.

Sign this petition HERE to all Tassie state politicians — pokies belong in casinos, not communities …


Pokies do the most damage when they are easily accessible — having them restricted to only casinos like they used to be would reduce a lot of the harm they do to vulnerable people and their families. Tasmanians lose almost $200 million at the pokies every year, and the majority of it at pubs and clubs.

Poker machines are designed to be addictive. They provide the impression that punters are ahead when they are losing and the algorithm is rigged against the player. This means a large number of people who play the pokies will become addicted. The consequences are dire — from relationship breakdowns, homelessness and even suicide.

Tassie’s powerful Federal Group owns every pokie license in the state. They have a lot to lose and are using their influence to put profits before people.

Let’s join more than 50 church and community groups and come together now to get pokies out of Tassie pubs and clubs.

Sign the petition now, while politicians are deciding their stances ahead of the Tassie state election.

GetUp members have fought the damaging pokies industry before — targeting Woolworths at their AGM, delivering more than 50,000 voices and broadcasting a heavy hitting ad in cinemas in the busy Christmas season. We had an impact then, and we can again.

With hope,

Emily and Kirsti for the GetUp Team
Emily, Kirsti. GetUp