 Health Minister’s blatant duplicity shows he misled the Parliament
 Ferguson finally responds to need for Tasmanians and health workforce to understand crucial Deloitte work
 Desperate Liberals attempt to release summary of report that “didn’t exist” under the cover of darkness
Almost three weeks after blatantly denying the Liberal Government had been delivered a damning review of the Tasmanian Health Service by Deloitte, Health Minister Michael Ferguson has released a summary of the report that he claimed did not exist.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said Michael Ferguson and the Hodgman Liberal Government’s out-of-control deceit and dishonesty had now been laid bare for all Tasmanians to see.
“On November 23 Michael Ferguson said the Deloitte report would not be released because it was cabinet in confidence and six days later he changed his mind and told the Parliament it did not exist,” Ms White said.
“Today, hoping no-one would be paying attention late on a Saturday, Michael Ferguson has again changed his story and released a summary of the report he previously denied existed.
“This frankly bizarre behaviour from the Health Minister will alarm all Tasmanians.
“He clearly mislead the Parliament on 29 November when asked a direct question about the Deloitte report when he responded: “There is no report.”
“It is alarming that Michael Ferguson was so determined to keep hidden Deloitte’s summary of the THS, which shows it is not currently operating effectively, that he would mislead the Parliament.
“This information shows that under Michael Ferguson’s watch there is a clear lack of communication with clinicians, there are serious issues around trust and collaboration and leadership and serious improvements need to be made because the dysfunction is having an impact on patient outcomes.
“This desperate secrecy is shameful and speaks volumes about a Minister who is putting his own political self interest above that of the patients and staff in the Tasmanian health and hospital system.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader