Rebecca White‘s request to meet with the Premier to discuss legislation has been proven to be totally disingenuous and treating Tasmanians as fools.
Just a day after sending her stunt letter last week Ms White was on radio* saying ‘no, no, no’ to supporting important legislation:
Carlton: “But you are not supporting the Taswater takeover?”
White: “No….”
Carlton: “And you are not supporting minimum mandatory sentencing for off-duty cops?”
White: “No, we’re not. And we are not supporting the phasing out of suspended sentences either….”
It is clear Rebecca White is once again playing tricky politics and Labor will continue to be blockers in the Upper House rather than being concerned about good outcomes like fixing our justice system.
Ms White even admitted on the weekend that any meeting with the Premier was unlikely to change Labor’s opposition telling media “I’m not saying we’re going to change our position….”
While we won’t be abandoning our core principles, the Government will always work co-operatively with independent members of the Legislative Council on important legislation, such as phasing out suspended sentences, so we can deliver good outcomes for the Tasmanian community.
Notably, in our first term that has already occurred on 50 occasions – demonstrating the Government’s willingness to discuss and even amend legislation in order to obtain sensible and pragmatic outcomes.
*Tasmania Talks, 9/11/17
Michael Ferguson, Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly