For years, men on Manus have become desperate documentarians, sending journalists photos, footage, written accounts – even poetry and illustrations. But by lunchtime Thursday, as police and soldiers moved in, destroying the former camp and forcibly relocating them, contact began slowing. Phones were being confiscated. Sources fell offline. “The noose is being tightened,” Tim Costello, chief advocate of World Vision Australia, told Martin McKenzie-Murray.

“They are beating guys, and putting them by force on buses and trucks,” writes one detainee. “They have big, big rods and sticks in hands. They destroyed medication of sick guys as well. This is Peter Dutton’s ordered operation. The authorities trashed and destroyed our property. We don’t know if we have a future. These might be our last days of our lives.”

Plus: Paul Bongiorno on Malcolm Turnbull’s political distraction game, and Rodney Syme on Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying laws.

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Alex McKinnon, The Saturday Paper