The mural on Elizabeth St. shows the wrong height for the proposed Davey St. skyscraper. Above is the photograph published in The Mercury earlier this month, with some measurements added. Down the bottom, on the mural, it says ‘210m Davey St. (proposed)’. But the outline on the mural is only 169m high. 210m would require a bigger mural.

Note that a straight line (aerial, lightning rod, flagpole) was added after The Mercury photograph was taken. Thin lines like this do not count. The top of the building is the triangular section used to house part of the lift, air conditioning, etc.

On Monday, 20th November, we contacted one of the architects in the photograph, and brought this issue to his attention. We asked that this be corrected, to avoid misleading people. Now, seven days later, the mural has not been corrected.

Hobart Not Highrise now publicly calls on these architects to correct this misleading mural.
Brian Corr, President, Hobart Not Highrise Inc., Peter Black, Treasurer, Hobart Not Highrise Inc.