The Economic Regulator today released its draft determination on TasWater’s Draft Price and Service Plan (PSP3) for the period 2018-2021 financial years.
PSP3 is TasWater’s three-year blueprint to maintain the delivery of clean and safe drinking water, improve environmental outcomes and secure enhanced customer service outcomes while keeping bills as affordable as possible. It has been prepared after significant community consultation and input from key regulators.
TasWater CEO Mike Brewster says “We welcome the draft determination and are pleased that the Economic Regulator intends to accept many of TasWater’s proposals that will enable us to meet community expectations.”
“By using a different methodology, the Economic Regulator has foreshadowed a price increase of 4.16%, slightly lower than the 4.6% anticipated by TasWater.”
“We value both the process and independence of the Economic Regulator and will seek clarification and engagement before determining whether to make a further submission.
“We encourage customers and all interested parties to participate. It is important that the process be as open and inclusive as possible.”