PNGDF takes control of processing centre

This amounts to a military, navy and police blockade around the refugees inside Lombrun RPC.

Incoming food has been intercepted. Phones have been removed. The 600 unarmed men in the centre have no flushing toilets or power. Medications are running out or have run out.

This puts the Manus refugees at risk of starvation, illness or eviction by force.

The local navy cannot be trusted to respect the safety of the men or to treat the men with care. The same forces randomly shot at Manus men on Good Friday this year. Some of the personnel and locals responsible for the violent invasion of the Centre when Reza Berati died are back on Manus.

This appears to be at the instruction of Australia and is not a sovereign act.

Financial aid seems to keep PNG under DIPB’s thumb. In theory, PNG is free to accept NZ’s offer to take 150 refugees.

Foreign journalists also have access to Manus RPC at Lombrun restricted or selectively prevented upon instruction by Australia. Likewise politicians.

DIPB in Canberra creates the blacklist.
Jane Salmon