Convicted killer Sue Neill-Fraser is staging a hunger strike at Risdon Prison over the way she has been treated by authorities.

Neill-Fraser’s daughter wrote to supporters of the 62-year-old yesterday morning, telling them she had been on a hunger strike since Friday after guards searched her cell and increased her security.

It is understood Neill-Fraser was moved to a cell in the prison’s medium security unit, next door to Karen Patricia Nancy Keefe, who is herself accused of perverting the course of justice in relation to Neill-Fraser’s appeal to overturn her conviction.

Neill-Fraser has said she had legal advice not to speak to or come into contact with Ms Keefe.

The hunger strike was believed to be in relation to the cell search on Friday, in which Neill-Fraser was not present, and was accused of having contraband in the form of craft scissors and make-up.

The letter to supporters suggested Neill-Fraser had previously been told she could have the items …

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