The State of the Forests 2017 booklet launched by the independent Forest Practices Authority today confirms that forest jobs and forest production has rebounded dramatically under the Hodgman Liberal Government.
The Hodgman Government’s number one priority is jobs, and the report states that forest industry employment has increased by approximately 1000 full-time equivalent employees since November 2013.
This is a remarkable turnaround, and unequivocally shows the damage done by Labor when they conspired with the Greens to destroy Tasmania’s forest industry.
Under the Hodgman Liberal Government, the forest industry has rebounded, and we are seeing jobs created and economic benefits flow in regional areas.
Confidence has well and truly returned with private hardwood plantation pulpwood production increasing from around 200,000 tonnes in 2011 to 1.7 million tonnes in 2016, with the value increasing tenfold to $149 million.
In addition, the quantity of wood produced from Tasmania’s forests has increased from an historic low of 2.5 million tonnes in 2011–12 to 4.4 million tonnes in 2015–16.
The booklet was launched this morning at a conference in Hobart celebrating 30 years of Tasmania’s forest practices code.
This event was a timely reminder that Tasmania has one of the world’s best and most comprehensive forest practice systems.
With wood being increasingly recognised worldwide as one of the most environment and climate-friendly products to use in building and a range of uses, we should be proud of being one of the world’s most responsible and sustainable producers of timber products.
That’s why the Hodgman Liberal Government will always stand up for and promote our sustainable timber industry, while Labor and the Greens attempt to lock away more and more production forest.
Guy Barnett, Minister for Resources