Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has confirmed Tasmania’s AA+ credit rating, citing strong financial management under the Hodgman Government.
Standard & Poor’s said that “We consider the State of Tasmania to have very strong financial management, strong economy, exceptional liquidity, and low contingent liabilities.”
Standard & Poor’s notes that strong financial management and maintaining low spending growth, are important and this is a warning Tasmanians should heed in the lead-up to next year’s election.
Labor has a terrible track record when it comes to blowing the budget. The Labor-Green Government left us with $1.1 billion of cumulative deficits. Another Labor-Green budget debacle like that would all but guarantee a rating downgrade and slam Tasmania’s economy back into recession.
The last time Labor and the Greens were in charge of the economy 10,000 jobs disappeared and housing values went backwards. Labor and the Greens literally made Tasmanians poorer because of their incompetence.
The choice is clear: a Hodgman Government that can manage the State’s finances, create jobs and grow the economy or a Labor-Green minority Government that will trash the economy, drive away jobs and wreck the budget.
Peter Gutwein, Treasurer