Hobart’s newest cultural enterprise housed in the refurbished old Macquarie Street
State School in South Hobart is opening it’s door to the public in a day of improvised
creativity with a bit of structure.

It is a day of opportunity to meet the cultural organisations that now live in the old
schoolhouse, with taster workshops and displays in dance, physical theatre and yoga
as well as a history display that includes things we found under the floorboards with the
South Hobart Progress Association.

Special shows for the very young ones under 18months. Improvised mad hatter tea
ceremony with Second Echo.

Hang out on the astrolawn with Swing Gypsy Jazz quintet Django Tigers, Michael
Foresque and Meyers & McNamara, chamber folk world music duo.

This iconic building holds much history for our community, opening as a school in 1896
and closing operation as an adult education facility in 2010. The building was given
back to community in 2015 after being closed for nearly 6 years.

We hope that you are curious and will talk about us.

Program …


Lucinda Toynbee Wilson, Centre Manager, South Hobart Living Arts Centre