SFFP Tas , had some months ago, formulated a comprehensive policy platform on this subject offering constructive solutions to Game Management. This Policy was widely distributed to the Minister and every Tasmanian Politician some months ago.

We are pleased and congratulate the Minister, Mr Rockcliffe for engaging and actively for supporting many of our proposals including:

The return to Quality Deer Management Plan principal which has shown to be the backbone of wild deer management in Tasmania, giving flexibility to control “satellite herds” and deer herds on individual farming properties.

Reaffirming their support for ethical recreational hunters as a main source of wild game control and also a legitimate, traditional, activity. Giving hunters the opportunity to control numbers in sensitive areas and as a domestic food source,

Consideration of opening access to WHA areas and reserves to recreational hunters as control measure for wild deer.

Engaging in an accredited study to truly determine the size and spread of the wild deer herd.

Consideration of flexibility of season and deer tag extensions for recreational hunters as a control measure.

Reviewing penalties for wildlife offences with a view to increase them as a deterrent to wildlife thieves.

Rejecting the flawed plan of deregulation/ commercialisation of wild deer crop protection tags for pet food and human consumption.

Removing control from the National Parks Service who have lost the confidence of recreational hunting organisations and farmers and now implementing a newly formed Tasmanian Game Council to provide due oversight for wildlife control.

Giving authority to the TGC to monitor, control and implement browse control for all wildlife and pest species. SFFP would prefer this included a vigorous feral cat eradication program to commence immediately.

SFFP states the success of this entire policy depends on the construction of the Council. We ask it be truly independent, representative of ALL parties invested in this plan. The success of this policy rides on this premise.

SFFP urges the Government to engage the established Tasmanian Deer Farmers in the proposed pilot program of wild harvested deer to determine the extent, stability and viability of the market and acknowledging them for their investment made.

This will support the many Tasmanian deer farmers who have invested largely in this industry for decades now and have promoted this industry as a primary source of venison for human commercial consumption.

We also ask the Government for consideration of expanding resources for enforcement Wildlife Officers and also an Analyst to protect Illegal organised wildlife activity for all of Tasmanian fauna.
SFFP Tas now calls on the Tasmanian Labor Party to endorse this policy in principal and support truly ethical effective measures of Game Control in Tasmania, support the thousands of Tasmanian recreational hunters and all Tasmania’s fauna in a bi partisan stance.
Adrian Pickin Press Liaison Officer Shooters & Fishers Party, Tas.