20 November 2017

 Gutwein very critical of the Pembroke campaign
 Treasurer happy to contradict the Premier, Liberal President and State Director

A serious split has emerged between the Premier and the Treasurer over the Liberal Party’s tactics in Pembroke.

It is clear the fallout from the Liberals’ catastrophic loss is fuelling deep divisions within the highest ranks of the party.

Treasurer Peter Gutwein today publicly criticised his own party’s campaign tactics.

“I think that targeting an individual certainly backfired” (Peter Gutwein, ABC Hobart 20/11/2017)

“Those comments put the Treasurer directly at odds with the Premier and the State Director who have both praised the campaign,” Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said.

“Months out from an election, the Government is descending into an unstable rabble.

“Will Hodgman said the Pembroke campaign was “very strongly run” when asked about the defeat.

“Liberal Party State President Geoff Page said the tactics in Pembroke “achieved their intended aim”.

“Now you’ve got the Treasurer backing in disgruntled members saying the campaign backfired.

“He knows that his Party’s disastrous Pembroke campaign has doomed his TasWater takeover to fail.

“The takeover was supposed to be the Liberal Party’s excuse for reform. Now the Treasurer has admitted the chances of it proceeding are “slim” at best.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer