 Increased renewable energy generation has to happen first
 Liberals have been hot and cold on a second Bass Strait interconnector
 Hodgman Government buried the last million dollar report

A second Bass Strait interconnector will only stack up if the national energy policy doesn’t disadvantage Tasmania.

Shadow Energy Minister Scott Bacon said a $20 million study into a second cable needs to be backed up by a policy that encourages renewable energy investment in Tasmania.

“If the National Energy Guarantee gives a leg up to coal at the expense of Tasmania’s renewables, it will cripple investment opportunities in our state,” Mr Bacon said.

“The potential upside of a second interconnector is obvious but only if we increase on-island generation.

“And the Liberals have been incredibly hot and cold on the prospect of a second interconnector.

“In April the Hodgman Government buried a million dollar report it commissioned into a second Basslink without saying a word.

“A million dollars of public money and the report hasn’t been spoken about since.

“Now, in the middle of a political crisis, the Federal Government has announced a $20 million study.

“Can Guy Barnett and Josh Frydenberg guarantee that this study won’t end up in a bottom drawer like the last one?

“And will the $20 million study uncover what caused the existing cable to fail? The fact that Guy Barnett does not seem interested in finding out what caused the failure is staggering.

“Labor is committed to maximising Tasmania’s renewable energy potential and a second interconnector would obviously increase our capacity to export power.

“But we also need a national energy policy that promotes renewable generation and allows Tasmania to capitalise on our natural advantages.

“The Liberal Party’s love affair with coal is not in Tasmania’s best interests. We need a Federal Government that creates an environment that makes big renewable energy projects in Tasmania viable.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Minister for Energy