The Tasmanian Economic Regulator is independent – not politically motivated.

After consideration and extensive consultation with independent experts, the Economic Regulator has determined annual price rises of around four per cent are necessary to maintaining a sustainable water and sewerage system in Tasmania.

In other words, the percentages proposed in the Treasurer’s failed legislation are not feasible without massive debt and continual State Government handouts.

TasWater Chairman Miles Hampton warns, the State Government’s plan to artificially suppress price rises will do nothing but turn TasWater into another financially unviable Government Business Enterprise (GBE).

“The Treasurer’s failed proposal would have led to more state debt, taking hundreds of millions of dollars away from already cash strapped essential services like health, housing and community safety.

“Effectively – over six years – it would have seen the State Government take $600 out of every customer’s pocket and only put $198 back in.”

Last week saw another boil water alert removed in Gretna, the thirteenth town since TasWater announced its plan in August last year.

“We have a sensible, engineering-based plan. Others may talk, but we are delivering on our commitments.”