The National Union of Students is calling on the Government to take urgent action on housing after a report revealed skyrocketing rental prices are hurting Australian students.

The Student Housing Survey was produced by Anglicare Australia and NUS and highlighted the severity of rising rental prices on worsening student mental health and wellbeing.

More than half of students reported a negative experience with where they live and a massive 85% of students recorded they did not believe Centrelink provided them with enough support to live and study.

“It is clear the serious neglect the government has shown toward Australia’s students,” Said NUS President, Sophie Johnston “This is not just a small minority, this survey shows an overwhelming majority of students are suffering from inadequate living conditions and adverse mental health problems.”

“What is clear is that Youth Allowance is seriously inadequate and the system is pushing ineligible students into grossly excessive workloads, both seriously impacting the capacity of Australian students,” said NUS Welfare Officer Jill Molloy. “We cannot afford to be a nation that locks out working and middle-class kids from higher education.”

ABS census data this year told us more Australians are going to university than ever before, with over 50% of 18-25 year olds completing some form of post-school education. However, opening up the doors to education for Australia’s young people has not been matched by adequate support by our Government.

Full report here:
Sophie Johnston National President | National Union of Students