Dear Mr Dutton,

You have secretly released more hostages into the Australian community than remain on Manus or Nauru.

A stealthy case-by-case approach does not conceal the fact that those remaining are no less needy or deserving.

The offshore detention strategy is not working

The global media will not buy belated spin from Murdoch or Kenny.

You’ve been out-manoevred. Celebs like Russell Crowe and even racist rednecks are embarrassed.

Sensible advocates have never encouraged suicide or violence. Your assertion that they have is not borne out by our records of electronic correspondence with the Manus men.

This issue will define your political career. Relent or go under. Abbott’s unpopularity and political decline was partly a response to offshore detention.

PNG is not safe. The costs of the offshore detention exercise have been astronomic.

Boats still come.

Let the Manus guys find safe third countries themselves. In the meantime, please load up a few planes and bring them here. The alternative might be for you and Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull to get more blood on your hands and Armani suits.

It’s cheaper in every sense.
Jane Salmon Killara NSW 2071 Australia