 Health Minister told Tasmanians “report” would not be released, now says it doesn’t exist
 Secrecy now at a whole new level as report apparently disappears
 Ferguson needs to come clean on why he mislead Tasmanians
Health Minister Michael Ferguson is now denying the existence of a wide-ranging report into the Tasmanian Health Service after just days ago confirming that it would not be released.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said in Parliament today Mr Ferguson claimed the report by Deloitte did not exist after earlier saying it was “Cabinet in confidence.”
“The report is cabinet in confidence and cabinet in confidence documents are not released to ensure frank and fearless advice is given, as was also the case under Labor and the Greens.”
Michael Ferguson, Mercury, November 23
“It is frankly bizarre that Mr Ferguson would, less than a week after confirming the report would remain confidential, then turn around today and deny it even exists,” Ms White said.
“What is clear is the Hodgman Liberal Government has no intention of sharing the contents of any report or investigation into the THS by Deloitte with Tasmanians because it shows a health and hospital system in crisis.
“Deloitte reportedly spoke with a great number of clinicians and DHHS staff to gather input for its investigation and the evidence is something the government does not want released because it would shine a light on a hospital system under enormous pressure.
“To claim that evidence doesn’t exist frankly defies belief.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader