Premier of Tasmania Will Hodgman will launch the new Multicultural Hub in Moonah on Saturday 25 November 2017 at 12.30pm. The Hub is a joint initiative between the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC), Glenorchy City Council (GCC) and the Multicultural Council of Tasmania (MCoT).

Celebrations will continue from midday until 6pm with performances, interactive activities and food and drink available for purchase.

The Glenorchy City Council Multicultural Spaces Plan reports that a total of 1,199 migrants settled in the Glenorchy Local Government Area between 2010 and 2015, representing 29.7 per cent of arrivals in the Greater Hobart Region from regions and countries as follows; South East Asia, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Burma, Karen Community from Southern Burma Central and West Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Afghan-Hazara Community, Pakistan, Africa, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

GCC Acting General Manager Tony McMullen said he was delighted to see the Moonah building being converted to another worthwhile community use.

“The building had a long history of community use, first as a library and then as the original Moonah Arts Centre. To see it coming to life again as a much-needed focal point for our emerging multicultural communities can only further enrich Moonah as a vibrant and welcoming place,” McMullen said.

“The Council’s community goals are to continue to welcome new arrivals from all countries and work with them to build on the multicultural traditions in our community through arts, food, music, entertainment and shared experiences.”

MCoT CEO Anna Reynolds said the Hub is a space for our many multicultural communities to use and also provides a platform for emerging communities to establish themselves in Tasmania.

“The target group for the hub initially is for the emerging and newly arrived multicultural groups with high levels of need for spaces and facilities to support their resettlement, who have generally been represented in the local area for less than five years,” Reynolds said.

“We have a fantastic line-up of music, activities, art and food across six hours. There will also be a variety of community information available plus chances to engage with MCoT staff and board members.”

Performances and Activities – midday – 6pm Musical performance by Paywand, a Hobart-based group, performing Afghan House Music with a clever fusion of styles based on traditional Afghani, Persian and Indian music. The members of Paywand began as young musicians in Afghanistan, creating upbeat, inspiring music and captivating audiences with a rich, cultural experience. Paywand is Persian word, meaning Connect and was inspired by wedding performances where these young musicians witnessed the powerful connection music both brings and represents. Paywand are passionate about bringing their unique style of music to the wider community, creating connections between performer and listener and sharing their energy and joyousness with new audiences.

Musical performance by Mwase Makalani, who was born in Malawi and moved to Australia in 2003. He is now living in Tasmania, working with young people in his role as a Social Worker. Mwase found his passion for performance by touring schools with other new migrants, and sharing their traditional cultures with school children. His unique performances incorporate music and dance with a Malawi influence to tell the traditional stories of his homeland. He also enjoys performing with a local reggae band and participating in various festivals around Tasmania, including MONA and the Cygnet Folk Festival.

Special screening of the GASP film PRESENT Remedies Tasmania. In 2017, artists Sasha Huber (Switzerland/Haiti) and Petri Saarikko (Finland) brought their international project Remedies to GASP Tasmania. PRESENT Remedies Tasmania celebrates the power of oral storytelling. Working in collaboration with our culturally diverse communities, sharing local-international Tasmanian stories and remedies for health, for culture or for the world, this powerful film project was a huge team effort. Project participant Arnold Zable described the film as ‘collective wisdom.’

Harmony Week videos with Nitesh Pant. This year MCoT are teaming up with videographer Nitesh Pant to produce short videos with members of our many multicultural communities for Harmony Week 2018. Scripts will be provided for our advert and all are welcome to share their short, personal message on video for Harmony Week promotions.
Anna Reynolds MCoT CEO