Seven refugee protesters marched through Mackay (north Queensland) from the old Town Hall to Liberal Party MP George Christensen’s office, Friday 17 November in support of the refugees detained on Manus Island.

The seven protesters were escorted by 12 police observers.

“The Mackay protest is just the latest demonstration of the widespread and growing calls in the Australian community for the governbment to end the siege on Manus Island, provide the immedaite food , water and medival care they need; and welcome them to Australia,” said Ian Rintoul from the the Refugee Action Coalition.

Meanwhile …


Emergency protest rally: “End the Manus Siege; Bring them Here,” Saturday, 18 November, 1pm, Hyde Park. Speakers include : Peter Penn (St Georges Anglican Church) Ann-Maree McEwan, organiser Independent Education Union; Shannen Potter, NSW Young Labor; Imogen Szumer, Refugee Action Coalition .

Fears among the refugees and asylum seekers were heightended last night when local people atcked the Hillside Camp and turned off the generator. With the power cut, refugees locked themslves in their rooms fearing that the camp was about to be attacked.

PNG police came to the camp after the local guards had fled – but the power was not restored.

The operation of the generator in the more settled area of the Hillside Camp has been a major issue at recent local Manus meetings, that have called for all asylum seekers and refugees to be returned to Australia.

The incident highlighted the complete lack of security at Hillside, again putting the lie to the Minister Dutton’s claim that the areas around Lorengau are safe.

Meanwhile, the government siege of the Manus detention centre continues.
Jane Salmon for Ian Rintoul, Refugee Action Coalition