Tas federal representatives must act on results and usher through legislation for full equality.

Tasmanians are celebrating a comprehensive win for love and equality, with the same sex marriage survey returning a resounding ‘yes’ vote both nationally and for the State.

Spokesperson for Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality, Rodney Croome, said it was now incumbent on parliamentarians to reflect the will of the people and back legislation for full marriage equality.

“Today I am more proud than ever to be an Australian because our nation has affirmed what we already knew: Australia is an inclusive country that values dignity and equality for everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Mr Croome.

“After outsourcing the decision, Parliament must act decisively and quickly to implement the result. That means full equality under the law for same sex couples.

“I call on all of Tasmania’s federal representatives who have yet to say ‘yes’ to marriage equality to heed the will of the Tasmanian people and declare they will vote for the reform.”

Mr Croome said opponents should step out of the way and abandon attempts to enshrine further discrimination against LGBTI people under the guise of protecting religious freedom.

“Australia has conclusively rejected the ‘no’ campaign’s myth that marriage equality is a threat to freedom and faith, and that special safeguards are required against that threat,” he said.

“It would be a betrayal of the nation to allow the fears and phantoms of the ‘no’ campaign to set the terms for marriage equality legislation.

“LGBTI people have been through enough. To delay the process or to suggest we should now accept discriminatory legislation would be cruel and disrespectful, not only to LGBTI people but to all Australians.”

Mr Croome thanked the countless Tasmanian volunteers and supporters who helped deliver the decisive ‘yes’ vote across the State.

”We must remember that the postal survey was set up to obstruct marriage equality. It was intended to minimise support and maximise division.

“That we have achieved such a resounding ‘yes’ vote in Tasmania is a testament to how open and inclusive our island society is thanks to the efforts of many people over many years.”

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the groundswell of support and by the generosity of people who contributed their time and resources.

“I’m proud of the positive campaign we’ve run in Tasmania and I’m prouder than ever to be a Tasmanian.”
Spokesperson for Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality, Rodney Croome