 Adam Brooks lets the cat out of the bag
 Will Hodgman will test his numbers in a minority situation

After years avoiding questions, the Liberals have finally admitted they would govern in minority after the next election.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said the cat was let out of the bag during debate in the Lower House this afternoon.

“Adam Brooks has finally conceded that the Liberals would form government in minority,” Mr Bacon said.

Adam Brooks told Parliament: “Let’s say for example, the community, there was a return to a minority government and the Hodgman Government was instructed to try the numbers on the floor of the house. Let’s say if that happened. So what would happen is, we would, we would come in, under the leadership of the current Premier. We would come in and as a minority government, and we would effectively try and form a government, under the instruction.” (Adam Brooks – 29/11/2017)

“This is the first time the Liberals have admitted what would happen in the case of a hung parliament,” Mr Bacon said.

“Adam Brooks has destroyed the Premier’s hollow claim that there are only two results possible at the next election.

“The fact is every party starts from zero votes at the election and Labor will campaign strongly for majority government.

“We have ruled out doing any deals with any minor parties or independents.

“A vote for Labor is a vote for Labor.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer