Dear Editor,

Minister Gutwein was stating the obvious, when he said in the Mercury Tuesday 28th Nov that “It would be up to the Huon Valley people to choose their next Council”.

The problem is that in the past we have not always done a good job with our choices, as clearly demonstrated by the Council sacking back in 2014, and subsequent appointment of Commissioner Adriana Taylor.

Some people seem to be choosing to misinterpret Ms Taylor’s media comments , as she is in my opinion just trying to ensure that next time around, the community is much better educated in selecting our Councillors.

We need to be fully informed about their education, experience, approach and character, to decide if certain candidates are really there to make the Huon Valley a better place, or if they are really much more interested in furthering their own ambitions and agendas ?

We know that there are some good potential Councillors out there, but if we all want a better Council for the future, then we need step up to locate, encourage, support and even campaign for these people, to make sure we get them elected on our behalf in October 2018.
Stan Armstrong, Cygnet