For some time now we have been hearing about the “ record low waiting lists” in our hospitals, but never seem to see any details to prove the claim !

We know of someone who waited for FIVE YEARS for a shoulder operation at Royal Hobart, because they had no private insurance and so had to endure the long waiting lists for elective surgery in our public system.

There were numerous delays along the way, and the eventual operation sadly proved to be a failure, because it had just been too long since the time of the original injury.

All over the state people are suffering from excessive waiting times at our public hospitals, caused the the rapidly escalating cost of private health insurance, and increasing demand.

The drug epidemic and government cuts to acute mental and other health funding, have also contributed to the situation, which so far is showing no obvious signs of any improvement.

Despite a generous GST carve up from Canberra, which is supposed to allow spending on our health system to at least match the national average, the records show that health in Tasmania is still
underfunded by many $millions.

We elect State Governments to provide a wide range of essential services for the community, especially in the key areas of Health, Education and safety

Despite all the hollow promises of more beds and medical staff, we still do not have nearly enough resources to meet the ever growing demand.

The Liberal Government seems to have other budget priorities, and has proven over more than three years to be either incapable or unwilling to provide a properly funded and administered health system.

We have a state election due in March, so perhaps it is high time to put democracy to work, vote the Liberals out of office and elect someone with a more compassionate approach ?
Rosie Craske, Cygnet, 7109.