Today in Parliament Labor tried to airbrush away their history of deals with the Greens by seeking to amend my motion on minority government.
They also attempted to delete from the motion their ALP rules which make it very clear that they can and will govern in minority with the Greens.
The rules state:
‘In the event the Party finds itself in a position to form a minority Government following a State election, the Parliamentary Labor Party shall not form a minority Government unless that decision has firstly been referred to the Administrative Committee for endorsement’.
As I have said many times before, there are only two options for Tasmania moving forward – a majority Hodgman Liberal Government, or a Labor-Green minority Government which will take us back to the bad old days of 2010-14.
The fact of the matter is, if we get less than 13 seats, even if Labor and the Greens don’t do a deal the day after the election, they will combine to vote themselves into minority Labor-Green Government on the first day of Parliament through a no-confidence motion.

Adam Brooks, Liberal Member for Braddon