 Integrity Commission responds to TAFE CEO payout
 Premier could have prevented payout by launching code of conduct investigation
 Government ignored the “intent” of the Commission’s recommendations

The Integrity Commission has confirmed a code of conduct investigation by the Premier could have prevented taxpayers handing disgraced TasTAFE CEO Stephen Conway a $188,000 golden handshake.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said she accepts the Integrity Commission’s response to her complaint.

“I accept the ruling on the issue of misconduct but the Integrity Commission has confirmed a huge payout to Mr Conway could have been prevented,” Ms White said.

“By failing to investigate the code of conduct breach properly, the Premier opened taxpayers up to a $188,000 bill.”

Integrity Commission CEO Richard Bingham said:

“There is an argument that the Premier could have instituted proceedings against Mr Conway for a breach of the State Service code of conduct. This course of action would have been consistent with the intent of the Commission’s recommendation in its earlier investigation. If successful, such proceedings would have removed Mr Conway’s entitlement to a severance payment under Schedule 68 of the instrument.”

“The Government ignored “the intent of the Commission’s recommendation” and allowed Mr Conway to receive the hefty payout,” Ms White said.

“As a matter of principle, the code of conduct investigation should have taken place.

“The Premier and Minister were obviously in a hurry for the scandal to go away but taxpayers were left paying for a $188,000 golden handshake.

“This is another example of the Liberals putting secrecy ahead of good governance.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader