 North West Regional Hospital at risk of losing training accreditation for anaesthetists
 Latest in a series of major training downgrades
 Minister must finally take responsibility for failures on his watch
 Pressure mounts on the Government to release secret Deloitte report

The impending threat by The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) to withdraw training accreditation at the North West Regional Hospital is yet another example of the mismanagement of the health system under the Hodgman Government.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said it’s the latest in a long list of failures on Michael Ferguson’s watch.

“This is a serious blow for Tasmania, with ANZCA publicly stating it has been 15 years since accreditation was withdrawn from any hospital across Australia,” Ms White said.

“This year Tasmania had physician training accreditation downgraded at the LGH, psychiatric training accreditation removed at the Royal and now this blow for the North West.

“Just how bad does the situation have to get before this government will admit there is a crisis?

“ANZCA says it has been raising concerns since 2014. Why hasn’t Michael Ferguson acted to address their concerns and prevent them from withdrawing accreditation?

“Labor understands the value of having training in our state’s hospitals and the important role it plays enhancing our ability to recruit quality staff.

“It is critical that trainees can work in a safe environment that is properly resourced and the Minister needs to take responsibility for not acting sooner when concerns were first raised with him.

“The buck stops with the Minister. He must take responsibility and explain what he’s going to do to rectify the situation.

“Furthermore, he must detail what this decision would mean for services at the NWRH.

“This revelation also puts increased pressure on the Minister to release the Deloitte report into the governance of Tasmania’s health system.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader