 Horror week for Will Hodgman’s government
 Time for the Premier to come clean on the departure of Greg Johannes
 Education left high and dry
 The Premier will eventually have to tell the truth

Premier Will Hodgman must finally take responsibility for the dysfunction engulfing the government he leads.

“It’s been a horror week for the Hodgman Government,” Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said.

“The Premier’s lost the head of his own department in dramatic circumstances, the senior public service has been plagued with claims of nepotism, the Government’s flagship policy has been comprehensively defeated and Will Hodgman is being investigated by the electoral commission.

“It’s the time the Premier took responsibility for the mess he finds himself in, instead of blaming everyone else.

“He could start by explaining exactly why respected DPAC Secretary Greg Johannes resigned from a job he reportedly wanted to stay in, on the eve of the election.

“What went on in the days leading up to Mr Johannes’ shock departure?

“And why was the Premier compelled to release differing statements relating to the terms of his Secretary’s resignation.

“It’s clear the Government is desperate to hide what really went on.

“And while the Premier’s Department tries to adjust to a new Secretary, Education has been left high and dry.

“Why did the Premier decide to leave the Department of Education without a secretary rather than promote someone from within DPAC.

“Games are afoot inside this government and it’s time the Premier came clean.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer