• Michael Ferguson must commit to releasing Deloitte report into Tasmania’s health system
• Secrecy at the highest levels of government must end

Health Minister Michael Ferguson’s secrecy will continue after he confirmed a crucial report into the health system won’t be made public.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Minister must release the Deloitte Australia report into the way the Tasmanian Health Service is run.

“To hear Michael Ferguson say he won’t release this report is outrageous,” Ms White said.

“We’ve got a crisis in our health system and this report could help us make the changes we need for better outcomes.

“It should be made public, not locked in the Minister’s desk because it makes for uncomfortable reading.

“The Deloitte investigation reportedly contains evidence from senior clinicians about the decisions being made in our health system.

“The release of the report would shine a light on a hospital system under enormous pressure.”

After indicating on ABC radio this morning that the report would remain hidden, the Minister defensively suggested that Labor would call for the report to be released.

“The Minister knows us too well. He knows we want a more transparent Minister who is willing to be honest with Tasmanians about the state of the hospital system, rather than the endless spin they have to endure,” Ms White said.
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader