 Government dismisses Labor’s constructive offer, refuses to meet
 Premier sends out Ferguson to attack instead of sitting down to negotiate

The Liberal Government’s arrogance is again on display, refusing to sit down and discuss legislation before the upper house.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Liberals are being hypocritical.

“How can the Government be critical of Labor’s motives when the Premier refuses to even meet with us?,” Ms White said.

“My offer to meet with the Premier was genuine. I made no promises to back down on individual issues, but I was optimistic we could find common ground.

“The fact the Premier sent out Michael Ferguson to attack Labor, instead of accepting my offer to meet says a lot about the Liberals.

“Right throughout this term of government, the Liberals’ refusal to listen to alternative views has got them into trouble.

“They’ve refused to negotiate in good faith with independents in the upper house on key pieces of legislation.

“They’ve created an ‘us versus them’ situation by attacking stakeholders who have spoken out against Liberal Government policy.

“Labor takes our increased responsibility in the upper house very seriously and will always be willing to negotiate in the best interests of Tasmania.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader