For the last week of Parliament, we will be focussing on our strong record, and plans for the future.
There’s no doubt that over the past three and a half years Tasmania has come a long way.
Our budget is back in balance, the economy is strong, more than 10,000 new jobs have been created, and we are investing more into improving our health and education systems.
Over the nearly four years in Parliament we have also achieved major legislative success including tearing up the job-destroying forest deal, implementing a single statewide planning scheme, better protecting our frontline police from assault, and strengthening laws to help tackle the scourge of family violence.
But we know that this isn’t as good as it gets, which is why we have released our 43 point Plan to Build Your Future, which aims to take Tasmania to the next level.
In contrast, our opponents have spent the last four years carping from the sidelines, opposing everything but offering no plan for the future of their own.
Legislation up for debate in the final week of Parliament includes laws to extend presumptive cancer protections to volunteer firefighters; the Limitation Amendment bill to abolish the limitations period for personal injury claims arising from physical or sexual abuse against a minor; and legislation to extend mandatory protections against assault to off-duty police officers.
Jeremy Rockliff, Deputy Premier