Glenorchy City Council (GCC) is ready for a fresh start after the Board of Inquiry Report into Glenorchy City Council was tabled in State Parliament today by the Minister for Planning and Local Government, Peter Gutwein.
Commissioner Sue Smith said she would like to thank the Board of Inquiry for their work with evaluating the complex issues that have beset GCC.
“I acknowledge that many in the community will be very disappointed with Council’s performance over the past two and a half years. In saying that, I would like to highlight that the report shows these issues were between Council Aldermen and a couple of senior staff members. The majority of staff members here have shown great resilience and continued to work efficiently in their roles to keep Council delivering to the community in a number of areas such as events, building, planning and much more,” Commissioner Smith said.
“We have already been working on our management review for six months in anticipation of the Board’s findings. It is my intention to see this Council get back to an efficient and effective state and work with the community in a collaborative manner.
“The release of the Board of Inquiry report, at long last, along with fresh Council elections on 16 January 2018 gives Council the opportunity to make a fresh start for the benefit of the Glenorchy community.
“Our Council staff members are determined to work effectively with the incoming Council to ensure the Glenorchy community receives the local government services it deserves. The incoming Council will be fully supported and have access to information and organisational resources they may need.
“We are well aware of the impact the last few years has had on staff and can certainly take on board that we have lost good staff members. We have also brought new staff members into the organisation and can look forward to fresh ideas and knowledge, moving forward. I would like to thank all the staff members who have continued to work in a professional manner and the incredible tenacity many of them have shown. The organisation has continued to operate during these times and that is due to the good quality workforce we have at Council.
“I will be working closely with Council management to carefully consider the recommendations of the Board report and I look forward to announcing more on this at a future date.
Carolyn Docking Glenorchy City Council Communications and Marketing Advisor