TasWater crews are on site in Taroona where a large tree in a council reserve has fallen, breaking a
sewer main.
The elevated pipe crosses a creek in a reserve at the end of Flinders Esplanade.
TasWater is in the process of diverting the flow of sewage through the pipe in preparation for its
The Environment Protection Authority and the Kingborough Council have been advised and signage
will be placed along the shore of the River Derwent where sewage may have flowed following the
Repair of the pipe may take several days with a crane brought in this morning to remove the massive
Contractors will then have to set up scaffolding to enable a replacement pipe to be fitted as it is
elevated at a height through the creek crossing.
The extent of sewage which may have found its way to the River Derwent is being assessed and
residents using the shore area in the vicinity of Flinders Esplanade are asked to take note of any
warning signs.
Nearby residents are also advised of extra traffic movements in the area as repair work gets
underway and TasWater appreciates your patience.