The Dives true to their name have dived fearlessly into a career in music industry. The four guys that make up the band are from different areas of the states yet they meld perfectly together and consider themselves more brothers than band mates. The Dives have long desired to create original music and the kind of ‘rock and roll’ music they themselves want to hear.

Evan Stanley is the lead singer’ and his name says it all. Both ‘Evan’ and ‘Stanley’ mean ‘stone’ and Evan Stanley and his fellow band members are as solid as stone in achieving their musical aims. The other members of the group include Mike Lefton, lead singer and guitarist, drummer and singer Jimmy Meier and singer and bassist Sergio Ortega. When I chat to Evan and Sergio they give me insight into their song writing process, telling me that sometimes songs can be completed in 10 minutes while other compositions, sometimes need more work. While the guys are continually honing their craft they pride themselves on their work ethic with discipline and a penchant for working hard.

True to their commitment to hard work the guys tell me that if a piece does need work you can expect to see them still working after 11pm, the belief in their mind that ‘you can’t go to bed until it’s done’. Evan says sometimes you can’t rely on inspiration but just have to sit down and create it yourself and with his dad Paul also a musician Evan understands the industry well.

The Dives impress with their commitment to their goals and what they have already accomplished. Their commitment again illustrated in this story from band member Sergio to whom it was suggested that it would be difficult to make a career in music these words where exactly the kind of words he needed to prove them wrong.

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