 Tasmania’s ability to fund essential services is under threat
 Tasmanian Labor united against any change to the way GST is distributed

A change to the way GST is distributed in Australia would inevitably hurt Tasmania’s ability to deliver essential services like reliable health care.

Labor Leader Rebecca White will strongly oppose any change to the current GST formula when she addresses the Productivity Commission in Hobart today.

“Tasmanian Labor, at both a state and federal level, strongly stand together in opposition to any change to the GST,” Ms White said.

“All the modelling shows Tasmania would be worse off if the current formula is changed.

“That would hurt our ability as a state to fund essential public services like schools and hospitals.

“Changing the GST would also severely restrict Tasmania’s ability to implement state-based economic reform.

“We would effectively be going forward with one arm tied behind our backs, with a greater reliance on state-based revenue like payroll tax, stamp duty and land tax.

“Tasmania should not be afraid of economic reform but we could never support a change that would strike at the heart of our ability to fund essential services.

“Our health system is already in crisis. Further cuts would have catastrophic consequences.

“I thank Julie Collins and the Federal Tasmanian Labor team for their unwavering support and call on the Tasmanian Liberals to do the same.

“My offer to Will Hodgman for a bipartisan approach still stands. This issue is too important to play politics with.”
Rebecca White MP Labor Leader