Last week I spoke to Danny O’Reilly of Irish band The Coronas about their forthcoming tour of Australia. Its early morning in Dublin and Danny wants to know if the weather is warming up in Australia. He’s yearning for the Aussie climate after the recent storms and flooding in Ireland. Danny tells me he has not yet been to Tasmania but says Australia is a great country.

The Coronas have a big following among expat Irish here in Australia but Danny tells me their fan base among non -Irish Australians is growing, in essence they are breaking through with their brand of accessible indie rock.

If you are wondering about the name of the band it’s not in honour of the Irish beer of the same name but instead draws from a brand of typewriter. A fitting name for the reflective writing of the band. In fact Danny tells me he has noted a difference in his writing style. In his twenties that style was quick in capturing the words on paper in his thirties it’ become more thoughtful, issue driven and less prolific, hopefully he says it’s become a case of quality over quantity beginning with the chords and melodies and then the lyrics along with the input of the other guys.

Danny tells me his initial career intentions were a commerce degree with the aim of continuing music as a hobby but music was in the genes with his mum a singer and so he was seemingly destined to be a musician.

The power of being a musician is evidenced in a story Danny tells me about one of the band’s early songs.
‘Ghosts and heroes’, which was essentially about the bands own journey to fame but they never envisioned what their audience would take from it. Danny tells me he has been approached by some fans who see the song as the story of their romantic journey with their other half and so the song is employed as a wedding song!

Incidentally another meaning of the word ‘corona’ is taken from a visual effect of the sun and it’s corona. It originates from the Latin meaning ‘crown’. It might truthfully be said that the guys from The Coronas, in their journey to fame are worthy of wearing the crowns of Irish Kings of Music.

You can see Danny and the Coronos at the following days and venues …

Thursday 22nd November – Finn McCool’s, Brisbane

Friday 24th November – Manning Bar, Sydney.

Saturday 25th November – Metropolis, Perth.

Sunday 26th November – Corner Hotel, Melbourne.
Paula Xiberras