 Important community involvement and consultation currently missing
 Labor will ensure protection for local character and special values
 Free Planning Advice and Information Service will be made available
 Parliament – not single Ministers – will have final say on call-in powers
Labor has today released its Planning Policy which will focus on greater community involvement and consultation with Tasmanians instead of locking them out of important planning processes.
Shadow Local Government and Planning Minister Madeleine Ogilvie said Labor’s long range vision for Tasmania must be supported by a contemporary planning framework.
As part of the planning processes under a future Majority Labor Government, councils will be properly resourced to develop Local Provisions Schedules for unique areas to ensure the protection of local character, amenity and special values.
“We need to ensure that the community’s involvement is central to the planning process – people want to be heard on these important matters,” Ms Ogilvie said.
“We will ensure requirements for – and involvement in – providing protection for local character are community led and we will support the enhancement of important areas and see that these areas are not just rubber-stamped for development.
“A Labor Government also will not set unrealistic deadlines for the creation of Local Provisions because they are crucial to get right and they require extensive public consultation – it’s this consultation that is at the very heart of our approach to good planning processes.
“We have no intention of changing the current laws around projects of state and regional significance. We will not support giving call-in powers to a single Minister for projects such as high rise developments. Parliament must have the final say.
“We are determined to see that the Tasmanian community is not only taken along on the journey when it comes to planning policy, but good strategic planning for the future of our state demands the community leads these discussions.
“It is through a strategic approach to planning across current issues – from traffic management to recycling – that we can build Tasmania’s future together.
“That is why current Statewide Planning Scheme and planning systems require fresh eyes because it’s clear unintended consequences have arisen during the implementation.
“All Tasmanians will be given the chance to provide input into that review about ways to improve outcomes and make sure our planning framework reflects their expectations.”
Labor’s Planning and Local Government Policy also:
 Establishes a free Planning Advice and Information Service to provide support for development application issues
 Supports only the voluntary amalgamation of councils
 Commits to making real time information freely available, including planning applications and decisions
Madeleine Ogilvie MP Shadow Planning Minister