Statement from Former Mayor Kristie Johnston

Announcing TEAM KRISTIE for the Glenorchy City Council Election

Today I am delighted to be announcing the candidates standing with me as part of TEAM KRISTIE for the upcoming Glenorchy City Council elections.

The community have spoken loud and clear that they don’t want to see the gang of seven back at Council. They have called upon me to have a team of candidates who are willing to work together to get this Council back on track.

Joining me on TEAM KRISTIE is:

• · Matt Stevenson as a candidate for Deputy Mayor and Alderman;
• · Jan Dunsby;
• · Gaye Richardson;
• · Peter Bull;
• · Dr Angela Ryan;
• · Melissa Carlton;
• · Bec Thomas;
• · Michael Hangan; and
• · Kelly Sims

We are a team of independent candidates who are united by the common values of transparency, accountability, and putting the community first. Whilst we will act together as a team to further the collective interests of Glenorchy, we will also maintain our individual voices to represent the residents.

Our common values will be at the heart of every decision we make on the community’s behalf. After all the upheaval of the last few years our team will provide stability and a common sense approach.

We are a diverse team with a range of skills and backgrounds that will prove invaluable when dealing with the issues that Council will face in the future. These include community advocacy, local government, finance, corporate governance, education, and sport and recreation.

I stand proudly with these candidates and hope that the Glenorchy community shows them the support that they have shown me over the last few years.

Glenorchy has a bright future that starts with a fresh new Council. The power is now with the people of Glenorchy, as it rightly should be, and I am confident that they will choose their representatives wisely.
Kristie Johnston