It’s around the third time Rick Brewster and I have chatted. This time he tells me, as we chat about The Angels’ upcoming dates in Tasmania, that the history of the Angels has finally been put to paper and its process to print was 3 years from research to writing. Stories about argy bargy, the remarkable new years eve concert of flying missiles and no security to prevent them, the album ‘Face to face’ gaining triple platinum status and the icon that is the much loved song ‘Am I ever going to see your face again’ (this is the song that always gives audiences an opportunity for a cathartic cacophony in it response to the title question).

The book also tracks Rick himself as he went from washboard to guitar and lead vocals. Brewster is burgeoning with talents, as well as being part of the successful rock band he is an agricultural scientist and a classical pianist with warmth and wit in conversation

Rick is living in Tassie now and gets the best of both worlds being able to enjoy the slower pace of life and ease of commute around the state with the ability to fly to the mainland on weekends, as required for performances with the band.

This week however the performance is celebrated here in Tasmania where audiences will be treated to a mixture of old and new music from the group.

The Angels by Bob Yates and Rickie Brewster is out now published by Random House

You can see Rick Brewster and the other angels at:

Friday 3rd November 2017
Special guest: Dave Wilson Band

Saturday 4th November 2017
Wrestpoint Showroom, HOBART TAS
Special guest: Dave Wilson Band
Paula Xiberras