Thank you for signing the petition for a Tasmanian Human Rights Act.

The petition commenced in December last year and recently passed 900 signatures. There are also 19 supportive organisations listed on our website. It would be excellent to reach 1,000 signatures this month so please ask your friends and colleagues to sign by visiting

The campaign has slowly but surely been gaining more traction as this year progresses and I can update you on the Pembroke by-election and Human Rights Week as follows.

Pembroke By-election

The 7 candidates for the Pembroke election this Saturday were asked whether they supported or did not support the introduction of a Tasmanian Human Rights Act. The responses, in the order received, are as follows:

Bill Harvey (Greens) support

Doug Chipman (Independent) I do believe individual human rights should be protected through legislation but am unable to promise unequivocal support for any particular Bill until I read it and consult with stakeholders.

Jo Siejka (Labor) support

James Walker (Liberal) As someone who spent some time working in the ACT following the introduction of the ACT Human Rights Act 2004 I don’t believe there were any material benefits and yet even the most innocuous policy had to be reported against possible impacts in relation to the Act. As such I do not support the introduction of a similar Act in Tasmania.

Carlo Di Falco (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party) No, although we do support fair and reasonable laws and greater government transparency.
Responses from the remaining two candidates were not received by the requested date

The responses from the Liberal, Labor and Greens candidates largely represent what we have learnt so far from the campaign. Namely that the ALP and Greens are broadly supportive and that we are yet to convince the Liberal Government. Regardless, we need more signatures to the petition. We need to ensure the ALP and Greens support is converted into firm election commitments prior to the next State election and we have work to do to convince the Liberal Government that a Tasmanian Human Rights Act has support in the community.

To see a list of ways you can help, visit:

NOTE: each of the candidates were asked to provide a simple ‘support’ or ‘not support’ response to the question ‘would you support the introduction of a Tasmanian Human Rights Act as recommended by the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute in 2007?.’

Bill Harvey and Jo Siejka answered in the requested format.

Doug Chipman, James Walker and Carlo Di Falco provided longer answers which are provided above.

Candidates were provided with ten days to respond and the opportunity to ask any clarifying questions of the Tasmanian Human Rights Act Campaign team. The remaining two candidates did not respond in this time.

Tasmanian Human Rights Week

The organisers of Human Rights Week have kindly offered the attached invitation to the launch of Human Rights Week 2017 and the announcement of the Tasmanian Human Rights Awards winners, at Parliament House on Friday 1st December. RSVP details are in the attached invitation.

Additional receptions will be held in the north and north-west in the following week:

4:00 – 5:00pm, Thursday 7th December
Wynyard Yacht Club, 2A Old Bass Hwy, Wynyard

4:00 – 5:00pm, Friday 8th December
Reception Room, Town Hall, Launceston
Anne, for Richard Griggs lead petitioner