Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) chairman Dr Julian Amos has welcomed the appointment of Don Burke as an advisor to the board of Gunns Limited.

“His input will be invaluable in providing sound advice to the board,” he said.

“The Gunns board should be congratulated on taking this approach and it proves they are serious about doing what is right for all Tasmanians.”

Dr Amos said Burke will add a substantially greater conservation aspect to the board and where other conservationists openly oppose the mill, Burke is going to work with Gunns to ensure processes are done with the highest regard for the environment.

“Critics of the company should also be congratulating Gunns on their appointment of Burke as this step aims to engage all members of the community in a positive and transparent manner,” he said.

“Furthermore criticising Burke for accepting the appointment is absurd.

“The environmental community have clamoured for more environmental input into the establishment of the pulp mill.”

“Now they have someone who will oversee and monitor all the processes and advise the board on all improvements.

“Once again, I must say congratulations are in order today and not criticism.

Don Burke is most well known for his long running television series Burke’s Backyard which ran for 17 years and for the establishment of the National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals.

Julian Amos (FIAT) Media Release HERE
Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) chairman Dr Julian Amos