It is with great sadness that the education community acknowledges the passing of Honorary Professor Eleanor Ramsay, co-founder of Education Ambassadors Tasmania.
Professor Ramsay worked tirelessly as an advocate for education and was committed to enabling Tasmanian students to have the choice of completing Year 12 at their local school.
Her research and considered commentary about education in the state has helped shaped the Tasmanian Government’s policy and will continue to touch the lives of many generations in the future.
Professor Ramsay will be remembered for her far-reaching contribution to education nationally and internationally.
As a community leader who stood up for the importance of education for young people, she was committed to encouraging evidence-based, open and respectful dialogue about challenges facing education in Tasmania.
In Professor Ramsay’s words – “Education simply transforms lives. There is no other more powerful tool to disrupt intergenerational poverty and disadvantage; there is no more powerful tool to unlock the potential for a successful happy worthwhile life than education.”
Our deepest sympathies to Michael, Professor Ramsay’s family and friends.
Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training