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QLD State election
Although our federally registered party is not yet registered in Queensland for State elections, we will be supporting one party member as a local candidate in the seat of South Brisbane – Dr Cameron Murray.


Our corruption fighter is already making quite a splash in the media…

Read more and get involved here:

NSW registration
This week we lodged our application for State election registration with the NSW Electoral Commission. This is what 1081 membership forms and hundreds of hours of work looks like …


Thank you again to everyone involved!

NSW members now need to keep an eye on their letterbox over coming weeks.

The NSW Electoral Commission will do a preliminary check of our application, including matching our members to the electoral roll. If all is in order, they will then write to a significant sample of our 1000+ NSW members and ask for a written reply to confirm your membership. Look out for this in November if you are a NSW member. We need members to immediately write back and confirm membership in order to achieve NSW election registration.

Other issues…

We’re still working through a big non-NSW federal membership application backlog, so please bear with us over the next month while we process the last few hundred.

Don’t forget our local networking meet-ups ( ). We’ve got a few new places online, including Gold Coast and Griffith. If you’re a member and want to host on the first Sunday of the month at 3pm, make a suggestion in the ‘comment’ section of your local page.

Are you a party member living or working in the federal seat of New England? Want to replace Barnaby Joyce? Contact us via the link below to express interest in candidature.

Kind regards,

William Bourke
William Bourke, President, Sustainable Australia,