As TasWater continues to investigate the source of E. coli identified in a routine water sample of the
Risdon Vale water supply, new laboratory tests have so far shown no repeat of any irregularities in
“While the latest results are encouraging, further results will be needed before the Department of
Health and Human Services can again give the Risdon Vale system the all clear,” said TasWater’s
Lance Stapleton, Manager of System Performance and Productivity.
“We have cleaned out the Risdon Vale Reservoir with a diver carrying out a full inspection, but there
were no irregularities in the infrastructure that may have led to the E.coli outcome.”
The bulk of the water supplied to Risdon Vale originates from the Bryn Estyn water treatment plant
which has been operating normally and tests from Risdon Brook Dam, which occasionally
supplements the Risdon Vale supply, likewise continues to meet Australian Drinking Water
“On that basis we suspect the contamination is likely to be very localised and may even be the result
of some back flow from last weekend when fire trucks were refilling from a fire hydrant close to the
testing site which returned the E.coli reading.
“We can’t however clearly identify the cause yet, but for now we are focussing on fully checking our
system and facilities to ensure the health of the public is protected.”
TasWater has carried out widespread flushing of the mains in Risdon Vale aimed at clearing any
potential problem water from the system.
“We particularly want to thank the Risdon Vale community for their friendliness to our staff who
contacted all residents in a late evening door-knock last night. We are grateful for the patient way
they received the news.
“TasWater in conjunction with the DHHS is working hard to keep the inconvenience to a minimum.”
TasWater urges Risdon Vale residents to continue to boil their drinking water until further notice
and all the precautions can be found on our website.