 New Legislative Council boundaries don’t apply for Pembroke by-election
 Voters may be confused by boundary changes and polling day requirements
 About 3,000 voters now outside the electorate still need to cast a vote
Residents on Hobart’s Eastern Shore still need to vote in the November 4 Pembroke by-election despite changes to electorate boundaries which may have caused confusion among voters.
Rumney Member of the Legislative Council Sarah Lovell said although the Pembroke boundaries had changed after a statewide distribution earlier this year, the former boundaries would still apply for the by-election.
“Following the announcement of the redistribution in August, any election held before January 1 is still decided on the old boundaries because the Council Electoral Boundaries Act provides for a transition period,” Ms Lovell said.
“That means people who live in the northern part of the Pembroke electorate still need to vote in this by-election even though they are technically no longer residents of the electoral division.
“I hope there is not too much confusion around these changes because it affects up to 3,000 people.
“We want to sure make every one of those people is aware that voting in this by-election is compulsory and they are still allowed to have their say.
“I’m encouraging each of them to do that and put their support behind the Labor candidate Jo Siejka who is working hard for the area and is clearly the best choice to represent them in the Upper House after November 4.”
The Pembroke Division for this by-election encompasses the Clarence City Council areas of Otago, Risdon Vale, Geilston Bay, Lindisfarne, Rose Bay, Rosny, Bellerive, Warrane, Mornington, Howrah and Tranmere.
It does not include Howrah Gardens.
For more information check the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website: https://www.tec.tas.gov.au/
Sarah Lovell MLC Member for Rumney