Brian Mitchell MP has criticised flight path changes at Hobart Airport that have been implemented without consultation with affected residents.

In a speech in federal parliament on Monday, Mr Mitchell said the changes were impacting residents in Kellevie, Bream Creek, Copping, Marion Bay, Boomer Bay and Dunalley. The new flight paths became operational on 14 September this year but residents were not informed until after the event.

“There was no consultation. The process has been a disgrace,” Mr Mitchell said.

Around 30 planes a day are following the strict new flight paths, coming as low as 5000 metres.

With Hobart airport’s expansion set to be bigger than expected, the situation will only worsen for affected residents, with bigger planes on the way and more flights.

“One resident told me he’d been awakened at 4am by the noise of a freight plane,” Mr Mitchell said. “People chose to live in these areas for the peace and quiet and it is not right that without warning and no consultation they are now under an increasingly busy airport flight path.

“No good reason has been offered other than vague statements about the need for safety. I’ve seen no evidence that the former routes were unsafe and I hazard a guess this is more about making modest savings on jet fuel, with residents in my electorate paying the price.”

Mr Mitchell said he and the local group were calling for the old routes to be reinstated until a full and proper community consultation process could be undertaken.

You can find Brian’s speech here – and we can provide the video upon request –