• Rain will develop in the west of the state this afternoon as a cold front crosses before increasing and extending statewide by the evening.

• The highest falls are expected in the north of the state overnight, which will see 15-25mm in most of the north and locally 30-40mm possible before the rain clears early Thursday morning.

• A road weather alert has been issued for the north west coast, central north, north east, and western and central plateau districts for reduced visibility and dangerous road conditions.

• Gusty winds are expected statewide on Thursday with strong winds up to 80-90km/h possible in the north and south of the state, easing later in the evening.

• Showers on Thursday in the west of between 15-25mm, rain then extending statewide by the afternoon with up to five (5) mm expected.

• Warnings are updated daily at: www.bom.gov.au/tas/warnings/
Kelly McNeill. Media and Communications Manager, Tasmania and Antarctica